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Eliot had handwavily spent the week looking up tips for teaching guitar. He was self-taught, himself -- other than the tips he'd gotten from Kaye-Lynn during his very brief tenure as a country music sensation -- and it was a skill he'd picked up young enough that he didn't 100% remember how he'd gone about it. It was good to review some of the bare basics for himself, and besides, it'd been forever since he and Kathy had had their regular teaching sessions. He'd rather missed them.

He'd picked up a fancy auto-tuner so they wouldn't have to spend their whole first lesson on tuning by ear -- they could cover that later -- and a variety of beginners chord books in different musical styles, since he wasn't sure yet what kind of music she'd want to play. Probably not the early American standards or country-western classics that he'd first learned. Though he'd probably try to sneak some Hank Williams or Johnny Cash in there somewhere.

He was, in fact, warming up with some Johnny Cash while he waited for Kathy to arrive. He really had been everywhere, after all.

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Trudy had said Eliot and his family were going to be her guests, so he wasn't allowed to cook dinner. He'd said she shouldn't have to cook it either, and they'd both refused to make everyone eat leftover funeral casserole.

So Eliot pulled the rental car — rental van, because four adults was a lot to fit into a sedan and renting a van was almost tradition — into the lot of a little mom&pop Italian restaurant.

"There's Tru's car," he said as he set the parking break and turned the car off. He looked back towards Kathy and Parker. "Y'all ready for this?"

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Eliot had come up to start working on his garden for the season, but got sidetracked. First by what sure as hell felt like an impact tremor (it was a very distinctive variety of earthquake). And then by the fact that his usually largely unobstructed view of land along the horizon line in the direction of Baltimore was now a largely unobstructed view of absolutely nothing along the horizon line.

"That don't bode well," he grumbled. "That don't bode well at all."

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The house was dark when they got back, and eerily silent. Val was still off being dog-sat by Kanan, and the place hadn't been empty this long since before Hardison and Parker moved in.

Which was fine, and normally not even something Eliot would notice. But all his nerves felt scraped raw just now, and the house didn't feel right dark and quiet anymore.

Funny. There was a time when dark and quiet was all he'd ever wanted out of the world.

"Parker and Sparkle are supposed to be gettin' in soon too, right?" Eliot asked Hardison. "Maybe I should make something for everyone for lunch."

You can't always get what you want )

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The house had been quiet all night. The family spent about another hour at the hospice with Emerson's body before Trudy finally let them take him away, then everyone had gone back home. It was too late to call most people with the news, so there wasn't much to do that night but try -- and fail -- to sleep.

Morning broke to a large breakfast, what Eliot had managed to accomplish with his sleepless hours. Ellie and Cassie both picked at their food, Ellie barely managing to eat anything, but Johnny happily cleaned their plates for them. Trudy's eating was more dutiful than enthusiastic, though she managed to look up and nod at Eliot and give him a small smile of thanks.

There was a lot to do, when someone died )

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Trudy jumped a foot when her brother suddenly appeared at the passenger side door of her car. "Oh my god. Don't do that."

What could he say? Eliot was a lurker. )

[ooc: NFI, OOC welcome. Content note: off-screen NPC death. What, did you think I was going to be NICE to Eliot?]
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Eliot wasn't sulking. He was laying low. He didn't feel right leaving Trudy to clean up after their father's mess, but until Emerson Spencer had the grace to actually die and stop cluttering up the damn world, there wasn't a whole lot he knew of that he could do, other than stay out of the way.

So he was laying low.

Not low enough to avoid being taken to school by his niece )

[NFI, OOC welcome. Preplayed with . . . myself.]
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Eliot had dallied as long as he possibly could at Trudy's house, getting her family set up for lunch (most of them had already eaten breakfast) and chatting with his nieces and nephew, telling them increasingly outlandish, invented stories about his 20 years away. He even made it so far as offering to help Jake clean out the garage before Trudy managed to glare him down and remind him why he'd come all this way in the first place.

So it was mid-afternoon by the time he made it to the hospice. He half-expected -- or maybe it was half-hoped -- that when he asked for Emerson Spencer, the man behind the desk would just stare at him blankly. Instead he smiled and pointed out the way without having to look anything up. He hurried down the hall before she could start telling him what a lovely, amazing person his father was. Emerson Spencer had always been a pillar of the local community; the whole town probably still saw Eliot as the ungrateful kid who'd ditched his family first chance he got.

He knocked a couple times on the door and tried not to think too hard about how this was where he'd stalled out the last time he'd tried to reconnect. He wondered what was happening with his father's house, if Trudy was going to have to sell it. For the first time in a long time he thought about just how much work went into picking up after someone when they died; his job usually ended when the brain activity did.

Bad timing. Don't think about being an assassin. Or a disappointment. Just open the door, go in, and say --

"Hi, Dad."

This was sure to go well )
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"Right, so." Eliot stood by the rental car at the end of Trudy's driveway, suddenly realizing that this was it, this was Hardison's 'meet the family' moment. "Trudy said Ellie stayed at the hospice with Pop last night, but Cassie and Johnny and Jake'll be here -- and Trudy of course. . . ."

The moment of truth! Or -- one of them, anyway. )

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Eliot had Val out for their daily run, cutting through the park, when Val suddenly broke into a fit of barking and bolted towards some trees.

"Val!" Eliot caught a flash of green scales in the underbrush and sighed. "Stop fussin' at that thing and get back here!"

Too late. Val was having a glorious time doing battle with a small mob of gremlins. Like owner, like puppy. Eliot rested his hands on his hips and settled in to catch his breath and wait for her to be done.

Which was when Sparkle happened by )

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Eliot considered swinging by the diner to get his spare change of clothes, but honestly, all he wanted was a nice, hot shower in his own damn bathroom. He'd been in worse spots, certainly, and for much longer.

But he wasn't sure he'd ever been in weirder.

Val went barrelling over as soon as he put his key in the door, and he swooped down to scoop her up and let her lick his chin even though he had god only knew what still stuck in his beard. "Honeys," he called. "I'm home!"

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Eliot could hardly believe he'd managed to talk Hardison into this. Sure, he'd managed it last year, too, for their first anniversary, but that was April. This was February. It wasn't super cold out -- there was no snow on the ground, and it spent enough time above freezing every day that nothing had iced over -- but it wasn't warm, either.

At least Hardison couldn't complain too much about pollen, this time of year.

Parker, of course, was totally down with the plan. She liked it when the boys initiated the romantic ideas, and she was up for anything that might involve s'mores and/or swinging around from trees. Eliot had even recruited her, along with some very well paid rickshaw drivers, to help him set everything up. A simple -- if lavish -- tent in the woods wasn't going to cut it this time. This time they were going to have themselves a whole cozy yurt.

It wasn't a large structure, not for just the three of them. It was just large enough to accommodate a king-sized air mattress, several piles of plush pillows and cushions, and a portable generator, all arranged around a modestly sized indoor fire pit with enough room to keep anything from catching fire. Warm paper lanterns and fairy lights lined the crease where the ceiling met the walls, the floors were covered in soft, warm rugs, and every lounging surface was covered in cozy warm furs and fleeces, as well as more typical fabric blankets.

"Right," Eliot said, as he pulled a box of matches from his pack and got the fire in the pit started. "So once this sucker warms up, there's only one rule: no clothes on in the yurt."

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Eliot had slept in.

He was having a quiet morning, a sort of quiet he hadn't had much of since he'd started spending most nights in bed with Parker and Hardison. He closed his eyes before stepping into the kitchen, feeling the morning sun on his face and just breathing in the peace of the moment.

Now. What to make for breakfast?

He grumbled faintly under his breath when he opened the fridge and found the entire thing filled only with orange soda. He could have sworn he had eggs and bacon. Or at least a six pack of beer. "Dammit, Hardison."

He tried the cabinets, figuring he could at least make himself some oatmeal, and had to dodge an avalanche of fortune cookies, only to find that all his dry goods had been replaced with sugary breakfast cereals. "Dammit, Parker."

He had not anticipated this side of cohabitation. He probably should have.

Val ran up to him, barking excitedly. She bounced up on her hind legs and did a little doggy pirouette like a circus dog, then ran over to the back door, beaming at him over her shoulder.

"Yeah yeah." Eliot followed after her. "Keep your damn pants on."

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So. Hardison and Parker were officially going to be moving in. The first rush of "yes, please, be where I can keep an eye on you and make sure you're not turning into creepy zombie versions (or alien bug versions, or any other kind of creepy versions) of yourselves" had worn off, and Eliot was starting to realize what that actually meant, logistically. The house couldn't just be his place, anymore. He had to make sure that they had the space to make it their own, too. It wasn't as if Eliot's house was small, but, well. He'd been living there for coming up on three years now. It had stuff in it.

So today, Eliot was cleaning house. He'd cleared out the dining room (never used, they always ate in the kitchen, so that'd be great as, like, an office or study or something) and was now tackling the basement.

Which would be how a box full of bear traps ended up on his front stoop.

He had no idea what he was going to do with those.

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"I loaned Kanan one of your scarves, by the way," Eliot said as led the way into the apartment. "The sweater the island landed him in is even stupider than mine." He switched the lights on and gave the kitchen and living room a cursory scan. "You sure you two even want to crash here, tonight? Y'all been extra -- tense about this place lately."

You know, since Hardison got trapped in here by a giant evil cat-Kenzi. Not that Eliot could blame them. His talk with Sophie had helped with the 'useless in my own skin' feeling, but he wasn't exactly cured of all fear or anxiety from the events of last weekend.

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Eliot was very good at putting on a good face, but he wasn't handling the events of last week very well. He hadn't been sleeping well, even for him, and it wasn't just about nightmares. He was on edge, not so much about his environment -- he'd always been on edge about that, at least since he turned 18 and joined the army -- but about himself. His own reaction to it.

Fighting evil robots in the shop had actually helped that, a little. He'd handled that just as well as he'd ever have done. Had even enjoyed it a little. But he couldn't shake the fact that he had failed last Saturday. Failed his double and failed his partners. Because of an issue he'd thought he had a handle on for years.

Finding time alone hadn't been easy. Parker and Hardison were understandably clingy, right now, and clever enough to notice, despite Eliot's good face, that he really wasn't handling things that well. That he wasn't sleeping. But he couldn't talk to them about this, couldn't look them in the eye and tell them that he wasn't a good enough hitter to keep them safe. And he couldn't think of anyone else he could talk to, either, anyone he could trust, who knew him, who wouldn't change how they treated him once they knew.

So he found his way up to his attic during a quiet moment. Locked the door just to make sure Hardison and Parker knew better than to walk in unannounced.

And made a phone call.

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If Parker had been any less than 100% enthusiastic about having Archie around, Eliot would have happily let him spend the whole weekend getting room service at the Arms.

But Archie was, however grudgingly, family. Which meant he got an invite to the small family brunch Eliot planned for Nana. And -- well, honestly, the old guy was pretty fun, once you got past the whole "could have been so much better for Parker growing up" thing. He had some amazing stories about his days at the top of his game. Eliot's favorite was the one about thwarting Nate the one time IYS sicced him on him.

And, well. Eliot wouldn't trade getting to see both his partners happily interacting with their family for the world.

[for the team and guests, and likely a lot of slowplay]
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Eliot gnawed at the spot where his feathers met his fur with his beak. That sentence was the downside of this whole "griffon" thing. He was trying to get the damned dried chocolate out of his . . . pelt from his time practicing flying around the preserve today, chasing and getting chased by cotton candy clouds.

Dried sugar was a bitch to get out of both feathers and fur.

"Can someone get my brush? The really bristly one? Or -- possibly a curry comb. . . ."

[for the partners! And potentially epic slowplay.]
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Eliot was still in full-on "pretend everything is fine" mode, so he was on his couch with Parker and Hardison sat in dignified positions next to him (well, that was the intention, anyway, Parker didn't sit still well even when she was human) and a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table.

They were watching a movie. It wouldn't have been Eliot's first choice, but Parker had seemed slightly more like she was paying attention when he paused on the title while flipping through the options on one of Hardison's streaming services, so he'd settled for it.

About halfway through, he pulled the Hardison bear into his lap.

When the delivery guy showed up with the telegram, he found himself squeezing Hardison hard enough to set off the voice box.

"Wuv you beary much!" Hardison said.

"Shut up," Eliot sniffled. "You saw nothing."

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Eliot stared down at the white ferret that was supposed to be Parker, currently curled up on the teddy bear that had until very recently had been Hardison. The ferret looked perfectly cozy and content. Not that he'd become a professional ferret interpreter at any point in the recent past. Not even after Parker had already been one for several weeks over Christmas.

The teddy bear just looked like a teddy bear. A fact which was freaking Eliot the fuck out. It wasn't an alien being that just happened to look like a teddy bear. It wasn't even an animatronic teddy bear. It was a goddamn stuffed toy. His partner turning into a living, breathing animal, he could handle -- just barely. His partner turning into an inanimate object?

"I fucking hate this place sometimes."

The ferret shifted her weight on the teddy bear's belly, triggering a little voice box recording of Hardison's voice saying "I wuv you beary much!"

Eliot dropped his head into his hands and swore for three solid minutes.

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